27 Apr

Aston celebrates 50 years as a university

Aston University celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a packed programme of events and initiatives for its alumni, staff, students and the public.

22 Apr

Argenx in cancer drug licensing deal

For up to US$685m (€606m), Dutch ArgenX has outlicensed its human antibody programme ARGX-115 to AbbVie. The pre-clinical immuno-oncology candidate targets a protein believed to contribute to immunosuppressive effects of T-cells.

21 Apr

US tasks Basilea with antibiotics launch

The US government is forking out up to US$100m to get Basilea Pharmaceutica’s broad-spectrum antibiotic ceftobiprole on the US market. In the EU, ceftobiprole is already available.

21 Apr

Rewarding children with food could lead to emotional eating

An Aston study reveals parents who use very overly controlling feeding practices with their children could be unintentionally teaching their children to rely on food to deal with their emotions.

20 Apr

British antibody alliance

British drug developer Heptares Therapeutics and mAb maker Kymab Ltd have partnered up in yet another immuno-oncology collaboration. The companies plan to discover antibody meds targeting a superfamily of receptors.

14 Apr

Swiss biotech continues to do well

Despite political disturbances, 2015 was a good year for the biotech scene in Switzerland. Net sales increased by 5.1% to CHF5,133m and 400 additional people found jobs in the sector. As usual, the new numbers were presented at the annual Swiss Biotech Day – which set new records as well.

08 Apr

Pfizer’s EU inversion falls through

Pfizer and Allergan have called off their merger, cancelling plans to relocate the US pharma giant to Ireland to avoid US taxation. The US government has put a spoke in Pfizer’s wheels – an unfair move, Allergan says.

07 Apr

GSK’s strikes lucky with gene therapy

In early April, the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) gave GSK recommended approval for its gene therapy treatment for the “bubble boy” orphan disease. Since the welcomed decision, the UK pharma giant and its Italian research partners are now planning on opening up new research centres with a focus on gene therapies and other treatments.

03 Apr

Antibody discovery alliance

British CRO Fusion Antibodies and German MAB Discovery, a specialist in the discovery of unique antibodies, have joined forces to develop fully humanised antibodies for drug development.

22 Mar

Vectura and Skyepharma to merge

Two major UK biotechs are about to consolidate after respiratory drugmaker Vectura has agreed to acquire drug delivery specialist SkyePharma for €561m. With the merger, the companies hope to create a leader in inhalation products.